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Save time and energy with this innovative firewood measuring device. The must have tool/accessory for a chainsaw and anyone who cuts firewood!

What is the Chainsaws Rule ?

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Chainsaw accessory tool for measuring firewood while you cut! Great Guy Gift and fathers day idea! This chain saw device is used to measure or for measuring the perfect length firewood log.  Fire wood cutting is faster with this chainsaw attachment. Forget the other chainsaw accessories, firewood log guides, firewood measuring guides,and fireplace wood size guides as the Chainsaws Rule replaces them all. Firewood markers measure fire wood or mark firewood (time waster).  With our chainsaw accessory you no longer mark firewood , you just cut down the length of the log using the visual guide attached to the chainsaw to make the exact cut each time.  Perfect logs to fit in your wood stove every time.  Check out the site for tips on cutting firewood, tips on marking firewood and how to quickly measure fire wood length when cutting for firewood.

Compare to Quick Stix firewood log guide, the Woodcutters friend, Mingo Marker or any other firewood measuring tool for chainsaws or cutting fire wood and you will see the chainsawsrule is the best attachment for all chainsaws and firewood cutting jobs. Fits all major chainsaw brands including husqvarna and stihl!